Productivity for Technology Leaders is a hybrid professional learning group that provides both face-to-face and online content to support educational leadership in our students' technological world. There are many technological tools available in the marketplace that can help administrators in their tasks and help them succeed in their roles. Such tools make administrators more productive and efficient in their day-to-day tasks. For this professional learning group, school leaders will develop technology skills and strategies to better support their teachers and improve student achievement. Administrators will work together to better use technology to improve personal productivity and model the professional use of technology. Participants will discuss ideas and strategies with other leaders in the group and apply them to their own practice.

Alabama Technology in Motion Specialists will facilitate two to three professional learning group meetings (four hours per meeting) and participants must attend all meetings and participate in all online activities. Meeting topics are as follows: Data Analysis and Synthesis, Tablets and Technology Tools for Administrators, and Productivity with Technology. In addition to attending group meetings, members will meet online to complete technology explorations, digital readings and participate in discussion forums. Each administrator must complete an action plan for each face-to-face meeting topic. This professional learning unit will be offered by Alabama Technology in Motion and meetings will be held in participating regional in-service center areas. One PLU will be offered for each participant who completes the required activities. This PLU will be offered for the next three years.