Leadership Capabilities in the 21st Century is a hybrid professional learning group that provides both face-to-face and online content to support educational leadership in our students' technological world. As our classrooms today becomes more tech-centric and our students become more immersed in the world of technology it is important to examine how technology impacts teaching and learning. It is no longer enough to just provide the technology in our schools and institutions. It is imperative to examine the level of student engagement and how technology affects pedagogy and the delivery of content. The purpose of this professional learning unit is to develop leadership capabilities that guide and coach teachers in the effective integration of technology with the goal of developing student centered learning. The essential question we ask ourselves is, "how can administrators best support teachers in the immersion of technology into a standards based curriculum?” School leaders will review best practices and use cutting edge technology to guide teachers in the effective integration of technology and provide appropriate support for developing strategies for student centered learning. Participants will discuss ideas and strategies with other leaders in the group and apply them to their own practice.