The purpose of this study is to provide training and ongoing support for coordinators of gifted (GT) education programs. Pre-service education programs and administrative programs provide little to no training on gifted learners. This year-long study will provide knowledge and abilities to coordinators to facilitate the GT program throughout the school district using research-and evidence-based and data driven decisions.

Requirements of this study are:

Participants will attend two face-to-face trainings (one regional training located around the state and Wednesday of the AAGC conference in Birmingham, AL), three synchronous webinars, read journal articles, analyze data, actively participate in online discussions through MOODLE, receive one onsite visit, and develop a continuous plan of improvement for a continuum of services for GT learners.

This study is open to special education and gifted coordinators, administrators, and teacher leaders from all school districts.

One PLU will be earned upon successful participation and completion of all activities. This PLU is expected to be offered for three years; however, the same participants may only earn the PLU for successful completion of the same professional study once.

Readings include topics on GT education programs, identification and characteristics of gifted learners, identification and characteristics of special populations of GT, and curriculum and differentiation strategies for GT learners.