The purpose of this study is to decrease the disproportionality of underserved students (culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse) in gifted education programs in school districts.  In order to achieve equity in gifted programs, one must first understand that the population of the gifted education program reflects the population of the total school district.  However, the reality of gifted education programs is that students from underserved populations are frequently overlooked and not referred or identified.  Special education and gifted coordinators, administrators, and teacher leaders will access and analyze their gifted data to understand how current identification practices affect referrals and eligibilities.  The following questions will guide the eight activities:

1. What do successful strategies for addressing disproportionality in gifted program student enrollment look like?

2. How do you address biased attitudes and behaviors of people to improve the climate and culture for underserved students in gifted programs?

3. In what ways can you collaborate with students, families, community members, school personnel, organizational leaders, and policy makers to change disproportionality in gifted programs?

4. How can procedures be changed to improve screening, referral, identification, assessment, eligibility determination, placement, and retention of under-represented groups in gifted education?

Participants will attend five webinars and one face-to-face session MEGA Conference, read journal articles, analyze data multiple times, actively participate in WIKIs and online discussions through MOODLE, complete a Plan of Action, implement the Plan of Action, and evaluate and revise the Plan Action.

This study is open to special education and gifted coordinators, administrators, and teacher leaders from all school districts

One PLU will be earned upon successful participation and completion of all activities. This PLU is expected to be offered for three year; however, the same participants may only earn the PLU for successful completion of the same professional study once.