The purpose of this study is to empower school personnel with techniques that will support all students as responsible and respectful and to enhance student engagement and learning while decreasing classroom disruptions. Administrators will learn the knowledge and skills required to develop proactive, positive behavior support strategies and collaborate with school staff to develop and implement these strategies. This PLUs complementary to Positive Behavior Support program and also supports the work of the Alabama Select Commission on
High School Graduation and Student Dropouts.

Participants will attend two, two-day trainings, provided by Randy Sprick's Safe and Civil Schools organization, participate in one webinar, and participate in one online discussion, on MOODLE, and complete online reflection journals. The final project is to submit the Plan of Action to train and implement these strategies with school staff. The final project will be
submitted to the ALSDE PLU evaluation team.

This study is open to invited school administrators and special education coordinators throughout the state, and middle and high school administrators in Baldwin County Schools.
CHAMPs is a “proactive and positive approach to classroom management.” It takes Dr. Randy Sprick’s work on positive behavior (at the University of Oregon and Seattle Pacific University)to all aspects of the classroom and the school.
(C.H.A.M.P.S.=Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, Success).