Leading and Learning with Digital Literacy and Computer Science is a hybrid professional learning group that provides face-to-face and online content to support educational leadership as educators embrace the Alabama Course of Study: Digital Literacy and Computer Science. Technology allows educators and students to transform teaching and learning and to develop crucial skills for communicating, creating, and interacting with each other in a global society. Technology also allows digitally and computationally literate students to transition from being consumers of information and media to being producers as well. The goal for this professional learning unit is to prepare administrators to lead teachers and students to the forefront in exploring these technological opportunities. This professional learning unit will allow participants to explore how educators can empower students to use technology responsibly and appropriately to create, collaborate, think critically and apply algorithmic processes. Administrators will collaborate and participate in hands-on activities designed to develop crucial skills for communicating, creating, and interacting with each other as they lead teachers and students in a global society. Alabama Technology in Motion Specialists will facilitate two to three professional learning group meetings and participants must attend all meetings and participate in all online activities. In addition to attending group meetings members will meet online to complete technology explorations, digital readings and participate in discussion forums. Each administrator must complete an action plan. This PLU will be offered by Alabama Technology in Motion and meetings will be held in all regional in-service center areas. One PLU will be offered for each person who completes the required activities. This PLU will be offered for three years.

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Learner-Centered Instruction

Effective integration of technology in the middle school classroom necessitates that teachers transition away from teacher-directed instructional methods to more learner-centered methods. This course will supplement face-to-face trainings conducted at Vinemont Middle School in Cullman County. The focus of the training will be to introduce classroom teachers to the eight essential elements of learner-centered instruction and to provide support to the teachers as they implement the instructional strategies into their respective classrooms. 

This is a basic Google course covering:

  • Effective Searching
  • Teaching collaboratively using Google Docs
  • Gathering data using Google Forms
  • Creating and Sharing Online Presentations
This course is designed to introduce administrators and instructional leaders to the Intel Teach suite of online tools and resources designed specifically to promote higher-order thinking through blended instruction.