This module seeks to engage diverse stakeholders in the ongoing process of student learning. This engagement is facilitated by educational leaders who have knowledge of community issues, dynamics, and trends and understand the nuances of cultural difference. School leaders should be committed to collaboration with families, businesses, local educational partners, and other stakeholders. Effective school leaders also value opportunities for community based decision-making, diversity for school enhancement, recognition of family histories, knowledge, and experiences, and advocating for what is in the best interest of students. They actively communicate with stakeholders, build meaningful relationships, galvanize community resources, and reach out to business, religious, political and service agencies and organizations for the purpose of enhancing the learning opportunities for all students

Through readings, discussions, and reflection, participants in this module will further develop their own cultural and racial identities in order to better serve diverse students and their families.  Through a sequenced set of powerful learning experiences participants will begin to develop the skills to reach out to diverse families, organizations, and communities.

We suggest that participants experience the module in the sequence provided.  The learning experiences will work best if they follow the sequence of pre-reading, context for the field component, the experience itself with the possibility of discovery and surprise, the opportunity to reflect upon and process the experience, and the opportunity to share their learning with classmates.